3 things to ensure you get the most out of your development 1

1. Make time for yourself

With every new cohort of managers joining us on their leadership development journey we will find a large percentage who experience great difficultly in carving out time for themselves. They usually arrive with incomplete pre-work and battery of “work” which they intend doing during the breaks and in the evening. This places them at an immediate disadvantage, they are under self imposed stress and find it difficult to focus on their own needs.

[quote]Tip 1

Clear your calendar. Tell your team and your manager that you will not be available. Schedule a meeting with yourself to complete your pre-work and schedule a second meeting the day before to get yourself ready to focus on your needs.[/quote]


2. Select a specific leadership challenge

An old professor of mine used to ask, leadership for what?  This was his opening gambit to every new class of managers he had to address.  This is a great question to answer before you start your own leadership development process. What challenges to you see in your business that require leadership skills to generate change?  Selecting a live business issue is one of the best ways to make the connection between what you are learning and how this can generate changes for the business.

[quote]Tip 2

Find a business challenge that is not business as usual, something that needs to be fixed and will challenge you to try new ideas and new skills in order to lead others to find the best solution. [/quote]


3. Get engaged

Working with in a group is a great opportunity to build a support network and learn from other managers.  Every workshop will use simulations, case studies and exercises to help managers develop data about their individual challenges.  Being totally engaged throughout these exercises will offer you many learning opportunities.   You can observe others; their behaviour, what they learn, what they highlight as important, and what they struggle with.  At the same time you can contrast your experience of the same events and reflect on the differences you notice.  Learning can be a team event and the network you build can support your learning and your career for many years to come.

[quote]Tip 3

Get involved, be active and build relationships with those who are learning along side you. [/quote]


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    Pooran Singh Thakur:

    The post is akin to truth or it would not be taken as venture to say that it is absolute truth. There are the people only to find enjoyment in reading good things without application of even a single word of that. Just like there are so called religious people who chant mantras even whole day without there being even a single change of ray in their life. I am also a person who usually read books, topics and hear discourses on the subject of self development, sprituality and divine knowlege but have not yet acted in accordance with the teachings. It is aubolstely true that each and everybody who has a sense of understanding can rise then and there subject to his committment and determination to go upward otherwise the downfall is available for everybody.